How To Treat Weight Loss?

They lose weight, their bones protrude from their bodies, their clothes are loose on them, and the people around them direct negative criticism of them. All of these factors will guide you in your approach to treating weight loss disease. Learn about it below:
We may always listen to those who are trying to lose weight and face obesity, and this is normal and common, but today we may see someone facing weight loss, and eating disorders have occurred according to what the BMI has proven and he needs to regulate his food and balance so that it does not worsen. 
The individual may feel an abnormally low weight due to the act of consuming some types of pills that reduce weight, or his illnesses, or he may be affected by psychological factors surrounding him, and all these accumulations were enough to cause eating disorders and the resulting weight loss. 
According to the clinical nutritionist, they provided a clear definition of weight loss, as it is an eating disorder in which it is determined according to the BMI, and according to this indicator the weight is divided along the length to know the normal weight, and in this way it is determined whether the body weight is healthy or not.
And weight loss as experts have mentioned can be caused by a metabolic disorder, or an eating disorder. 

 Metabolic disorder

This disorder may be caused by the individual obtaining a very small percentage of calories, or, in exchange, he may have consumed very large and above normal calories. It may result from the first case in which the ratio of calories entering the body decreases, some diseases, including intestinal infections, celiac or abdominal disease, and different tumors, and eating pills and antidepressants can cause the body to absorb very few calories. On the other hand, the increased metabolic rate in the body, caused by Hyperthyroidism or frequent physical activity without rest, may increase the body’s consumption of very large calories.

Eating disorders

This disorder occurs as a result of the constant fear of being overweight and losing appetite, and this is what is implied by self-perception and the body’s fear of an increase in weight.
Undernutrition when to treat it?
A person who suffers from undernutrition and eating disorders that cause some health problems should go to the treatment in the following cases:
If he receives some comments from people close to him about his sharp drop in weight
If he feels that his weight has decreased over a short period, his clothes become loose on him.
If he checks his weight and finds that it has decreased by 5 to 10 kg within a short time.
It is reported that blood tests are not always a good indication that a person is underweight, because they do not show the causes of weight loss, and the patient rarely undergoes blood tests.

Nutrition for underweight patients

It is recommended that the diet not be restricted to those who are underweight and that the food not only contain vegetables, but also include meat, eggs, bread, tahini, and avocado, as well as olive oil.
Based on the foregoing, weight loss may occur due to several reasons, and there are those who stop eating because of stress, and there are those who refrain from eating because of problems in their teeth. Therefore, it is very important to listen to the body. If you feel a decrease in your weights, it is necessary to refer to the clinic to perform the necessary examinations to ensure that there is a physical or sensory problem.
Accordingly, the therapeutic methods are followed according to what appeared in the medical examination. For example, if you suffer from bad eating habits, you should contact a dietitian for instructions and advice on proper nutrition to maintain weight. If the problem you suffer from is sensory, you should refer to the psychiatrist.


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