How To Treat Head Lice And Nits?

Infection with head lice, also called nits, does not mean that the person is dirty. Children are most vulnerable to lice, but everyone who has hair can catch this infection.
Head lice are among the small insects that live on human hair, and because they are very small, they do not exceed the size of sesame and are brownish-gray in color.
Lice have six legs at the end of each claw and these claws in turn help him to attach to the hair, and lice can survive by biting the scalp and feeding on the blood. This usually causes itching, but not always.
Female lice head lay eggs in bags that stick to each hair separately. Then the new louse hatch within 7 to 10 days.
When the child is infected with head lice, it becomes possible to reveal the remains of his small white eggs on the hair. One of these eggs is called nits. Some may call head lice with this name.
Young lice can also have babies after 10 to 14 days.
Lice crawl from person to person by contacting the person’s head with the person’s head. Children are also considered to be at greatest risk of infection from regular, persistent contact with one another at school.
Head lice cannot fly or jump, and infection with them through pillows or towels is very rare, as lice cannot live far from the human head for a long time.

How to detect head lice?

Detecting lice in the head is difficult, even if the child’s head is searched closely.
When in doubt that a child has been infected with head lice:
  • Examine the baby’s hair. Hair behind the ears and the neck’s neck are common places for head lice to hide.
  • If no louse can be detected, comb the baby’s hair with a special comb that is available with most pharmacists. This comb helps pull lice from the head and show them when they are collected on a white sheet.

Head lice treatment

The child needs treatment when he is infected with head lice.
The child must be treated if there are live lice in the head. This confirms the current injury. Treatment may not be made, depending on the child’s guess.
Head lice are considered stubborn. It cannot be killed by washing the hair with regular shampoo or by using the usual comb. Because of its rapid reproduction, it must be killed before spreading to others.
When a family child has been infected with lice, examine the heads of the rest of the family. Each person who has an established injury must be treated to get rid of this infection.
Head lice are treated by combing wet hair with a special comb, or by using over-the-counter medicinal solutions and sprays.


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