How To Lose Weight Without Fitness Training?

Most of us want to lose weight, but there is no limit to what can be done to lose weight. What do we do? We offer you weight loss rules you can find in the following article.
How can weight loss? What should the exercise and lifestyle training program cover in order to get the best results?
Initially, it is important to understand that weight loss is a complex process, and in order to succeed there are no magic solutions, but there are solutions that will guarantee you the maximum success when you combine them together.

Is there a local weight loss?

A common question for trainees is, “How can I relieve the abdomen ?” Or “How do I relieve thighs?” For clarity, we say that there is no such thing as “topical weight loss.”
It is not possible to remove fat from a specific area! Abdominal exercises will not “relieve” the abdomen! Rather, it will strengthen the abdominal muscles, but as long as there are layers of fat on it, it will remain even if you focus on abdominal exercises.

How can I reduce weight?

How can excess body fat be eliminated and refined? Although the process of losing weight is complicated, it is related to one variable who decides whether or not our weight will decrease. What is this variable?
Daily calorie balance, it is very simple, we enter energy into our body through food, and we release energy by physical activity and this is what helps in maintaining the body:
  • When the amount of energy we enter becomes greater than that we produce (caloric balance is positive) which increases our weight.
  • When the amount of energy we enter is smaller than the one we exhale (the calorie balance is negative), our weight decreases.
  • When the amount of consumption and burning is equal (caloric balance) we will definitely maintain the same weight.
This is not a big secret. The question here is not only how do we shift this balance from positive to negative, but how do we cause it to be negative so that most of what the body loses is fat, not muscle?
To achieve this you have 4 golden rules, when used together, you will be on the right path to losing weight:

 1- Good nutrition, not a severe diet

One side of the scale relates only to your food. Many start with a diet, reduce the amount of food, hold up for two weeks or a month, and then return to their previous eating and weight habits, often with an increase.
So it is not in vain that doctors, trainers, and nutritionists talk about healthy nutrition that adopts daily healthy habits, which are set by a qualified nutritionist, this is a critical stage for success.
Many believe that there is no great importance for what they eat as they are training, and vice versa when you train the more important what you eat to provide the body with the important nutrients for training and weight loss.
There is no need for a specific diet for athletes, but it is necessary to maintain proper nutrition throughout the day.
Now, you played correctly with this card and it really became one side of the scale at the right level.

2- Fitness and physical activity training

Also, to achieve this change in body composition, you have three additional cards to win. Once you use these cards too, victory will be your ally. Without it, it is not possible to reach the goal.
Here are the types of exercises necessary:

 The first type: aerobic exercises – aerobics

Aerobic training to strengthen the heart-lung system, through training that activates a large number of body parts, or the whole body, such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, climbing, rowing, etc.
A lot of people who train for weight loss focus on these exercises. In aerobic exercise, we burn a large number of calories. This is necessary to lose weight, but it is not enough.

 The second type: strength training

It is training to strengthen muscles by working against a resistance device, such as weightlifting, strength devices, resistance to body weight, against the weight of the trainer and other aids.
A common mistake among some trainees is that when they hear of weight training, they retract immediately, due to:
  • Fear of the complexities of training, the importance of careful implementation and the need for good mentoring.
  • The myth that strength training is for those who want to develop their muscles.
What they do not know is that the change in body shape and appearance is only achieved by combining strength training, which helps to raise body metabolism (BMR).
To keep the body alive, it consumes energy and burns calories constantly, even while sleeping or sitting, and when continuing strength training and increasing muscle mass, the body burns more calories.
An additional effect on weight reduction is associated with the training itself, and in strength training, a lot of calories are burned, and in the correct strength training, it can even burn more calories than aerobic training.

The third type: daily activities

Daily inactivity is another cause of obesity today, in both children and adults. The development of technology relieves the body of everything it needed in the past:
  • For humans to eat, they used to go fishing, today we open the refrigerator and put food in the microwave.
  • Electric lifts and cars, certainly do not contribute positively to this.
  • Devices such as TV, computers, and others have grown in size over the years, while we have increased in size.
Any activity added to daily activities even if it is short increases our calorie consumption. So you must:
  • Go up the stairs instead of using the elevator.
  • Walk upon the escalator.
  • Stop the car in a far place.
  • Remember to do the movement even during the working day.
You will gain nearly and many calories burned without you feeling it, or without devoting too much time to it.

A sport without nutrition?

In addition to people who continue to exercise without adhering to proper nutrition, there are those who believe that by only maintaining nutrition without exercising, they will succeed in reducing weight.
It might happen that they lose a few kilos, but it’s a fake weight loss. When the focus is only on diet without exercise:
  • Metabolism is the body decreases, causing fewer calories to be burned.
  • The body becomes loose and “flabby”.
  • Lower fat is less.
  • Symptoms such as excessive nervousness and depression may appear.
Now you know exactly what the real weight reduction process is and what you need to do to achieve this. The best results will be achieved when combining these four winning cards.
By doing this you will achieve weight reduction, health, and also a significant improvement in the quality of life and personal feeling. So when will you start? The best of righteousness is urgent.


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