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Everyone wants to know the best and fastest way to master and learn English, because life has become difficult in our time, so many concerns and commitments surround the human being from each side, and it is difficult to devote a long time each day to learn English. Help you learn English quickly.

(1) little by little

You have to devote time every week to study English, even if it is only a few minutes every day (if you are busy too). It is important to keep up and keep pace. My advice to you to learn vocabulary is easy:

Every morning, think of three to four words in your original language that you do not know in English. Write them down in a small notebook. Before you even hold your coffee cup, use a dictionary or online translation service. Find and understand the meanings of the words in English. Those are the vocabulary for that day. Repeat those words with yourself throughout the day. Keep your notebook with you, in your car, in your bag, in your office, always at your fingertips, or use a word keeping application to keep those words with you wherever you go, a few minutes a day and a great long-term benefit.

(2) Attended the course

My next advice is to look at the subject you will take in the English language course, get to know it and learn some words and vocabulary. Try to get into the computer for five to 10 minutes before starting your class and prepare your mind for English. Reading a little about the subject in advance can help you a lot in absorbing and benefiting. Of course, we teachers are here to help you explain the subject and practice it with you, but spending some time preparing and preparing will benefit you more and make you reach your goal faster.

(3) Think English

Finally, perhaps my favorite idea that will help you learn English quickly is to think or talk yourself in English. Yes, that’s what I said, try to think in English. Always before you do anything in your life you think about it, right? Why not have this thinking and that inner voice in English, rather than your native language? It will be difficult to do this at first because your mind will naturally want to think in your own language, but with the time you will get used to it. If you do not know how to say a word, write it in the notebook you carry with you (or your smartphone) and bring it to the lesson or search it in the dictionary. I know that idea is a bit crazy (and that’s why I think I love it a lot), but trust me, it’s very useful.

I suggest you think sometimes loud, not always of course, especially when someone hears you (because we do not want anyone to think you’ve been mad), but when you’re alone, try to think or speak yourself out loud and hear your ears, Speaking skills and listening skills at the same time, you will like this method later and addicted to using it, and then you have started your journey in quick access to learn English quickly.

(4) Do not fall into the trap of anxiety

The most important advice I might give you is not to fall into the trap of anxiety. When you talk to yourself saying “I can not speak English” or “I can not master English” you actually increase psychological barriers. These barriers prevent your continued learning and discourage progress already made. They also plant negative thoughts inside your head that you will not be able to master the language.

Delete those words from your vocabulary dictionary. Start by turning your thoughts more positively by saying, “I’m learning English and I’m constantly developing.” “The level of progress is much better than last month.” Always remind yourself of the reasons for learning English in the first place, as well as remember the fruits of material and moral return when you reach your goals in mastering English.

(5) Travel abroad

English is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world. Traveling abroad is, therefore, one of the best ways to learn English quickly. Whatever your goal of traveling, whether living or studying abroad or even for a short tourist period, make sure that this experience will bring you many benefits. There are many countries with different weather and different time zones, choose the country that suits you and travels to it.

Try to be social during your stay and build friendships. Add these new friendships to your social networking accounts if possible. The development of social media has allowed us to build and maintain friendships from around the world.

(6) Do not be shy of correction

Try not to be ashamed when you discover any mistakes in your language and do not consider them an insult, but try to make your mind open to learning from those mistakes. Do not worry about it. We all go through that stage when learning a new skill, and you will notice that your mistakes are less as you progress and continue learning.

Shame can sometimes lose confidence in yourself. Avoid this and ask your friends and teachers to correct you when you make mistakes. Social media has many friends who may help you achieve this. It is one of the strongest platforms to acquire skills and experiences. Control shyness because it is one of the biggest obstacles to learning.

(7) Speak more in English

What is the benefit of learning English without practicing it? Text chat programs (Kaluets August) and social media have made communication through writing and listening only. Speaking is one of the least of the activities you do. Speaking the language will help you to master it because not using the language will increase the forgetfulness within your mind. How many times have you heard someone say he understands English, but he can not speak it. Try not to be such a person. Look for native speakers in English, and practice speaking with them. You can also enroll in online courses and attend classes with English-speaking teachers.



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