How To Gain Weight?

There are many ways to lose weight, but what are the ways to gain weight? How can you reach the ideal weight by increasing your weight? Certainly it is necessary first to see a doctor in order to make sure of any diseases that cause thinness and not to be hereditary until disposal and treatment of the disease before starting any dietary diet to increase it.
In this context, Ghadeer Heavenly asked, through specialties, “How can a person gain weight?In response to this question, the dietitian believes that exercising and drinking water helps to gain weight, and she says, answering the question: “You can increase your weight by exercising continuously and increasing the size of the meal that a person takes to eat 5 meals per day, including the three main meals.”
And 2 snacks between meals and focus on protein and starches, as you should eat fiber like the authorities at the end of the meal, not at the beginning and drink sufficient quantities of water.
Weight is how much sport The bodies with followers of a special program to increase muscle mass and follow a diet program to increase muscle mass with a focus on foods that contain animal protein such as meat, fish, eggs and vegetable protein such as “beans and lentils, as well as foods that contain a high percentage of carbohydrates such as”
It may be easier to eat five or six smaller balanced meals per day rather than eating three large meals, especially if you are not used to eating a lot in one sitting protein powders and nutritional supplement drinks can be added, as is the case in snacks between meals if we We still need more calories; as some protein powders only need to add water and others can be mixed with your choice of juice or milk to improve the taste and another healthy idea for safe weight gain is adding a small amount of flaxseed oil and some omega-3 powder And fatty acids The basic fiber ”
Dietician Amal Youssef answers the question, saying: “Focusing on sugary, starchy, and fat in addition to protein and all nutrients precisely before bedtime and not burning energy accumulates fat and causes weight gain also not moving a lot and lack of exercise is a reason in that we advise against excessive weight gain because It causes a lot of diseases! ” As for Rasha Al-Masry, she tried all the ways to gain weight and did not succeed. She says about her experience: “There is no hope. I eat a lot of sweets and my weight never exceeds 45 kilos.”
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