How To Maintain Beauty Of A Woman ?

The body may sometimes decide to rebel against us, and it may put it in a box that may cause psychological distress and embarrassment to us. How do women care to maintain the health and beauty of their bodies and their outward appearance? Are there ways to do this?
Beauty is related to women, and it is natural for women from all over the world to search for ways to maintain their outward appearance. They may invest a lot of time, effort and resources to obtain external beauty that attracts attention, and beauty by its nature enhances their confidence and gives them a feeling of happiness.
Thus, it is important to listen to our body, especially when it suffers from certain aesthetic problems, due to health conditions or the occurrence of a medical problem, and these minor details may affect the psyche of the woman, if the kohl balance is disturbed in her eyes, then she may turn her back, so what if white bumps appeared on her face What do you do then? Several methods may be used to maintain the body.

Excess hair

Sometimes the excess hair between the eyebrows, on the upper lip or on the chin, may indicate a medical problem such as ovarian cysts. Where most women suffer from polycystic ovaries, where testosterone is concentrated in excess in the body, causing excess hair growth in unnecessary places. But in most cases, the appearance of excess hair may be due to genetic reasons, but the hair may be removed by laser, wax or cream.

Pair the capillary follicles

You may have some white or red bumps on the back, they are not acne blisters, but rather a condition called Keratosis pilaris, it is a widespread skin phenomenon, and these bumps appear in the back, arms and thighs, and may last for some years, but they tend to disappear until they reach The patient is 30 years old, and until then it is recommended to use a moisturizing cream as it helps to get rid of these bumps

Bad breath

It is known that the germs are concentrated in the palms of the foot and are the main cause of the appearance of the bad smell of the foot, as sweating mixes with the germs and causes the smell. Therefore, to avoid this unpleasant smell, it is recommended to keep the feet dry and clean and avoid shoes that cause perspiration such as rubber shoes. It is also recommended to wash the socks after each use. If the bad smell remains, you can use deodorants.


Cellulite, is a widespread phenomenon among women, where it appears after the accumulation of grease on the connective tissue, it would be small craters and shaped crust orange. It is very annoying when the back and thighs look like cheese. To get rid of cellulite, you can exercise, or use creams that contain caffeine and are useful in masking cellulite. These creams may help for a short period only, but sports are the best solution to eliminate them.

Excessive blushing

All people sometimes blush their cheeks, when they feel embarrassed or ashamed, or when they feel pressure and anxiety, and some of them blush their cheeks in an excessive and abnormal way, and red spots appear on the cheeks and forehead permanently, without the need for emotional expressions to help them appear, and in such cases, It can be treated with medical treatment or by using ointments.

Premature graying

Hair may become premature graying, white hair appears in the age of twenties and thirties, and graying may appear early due to disorders of the thyroid gland or pigmentation. But in general, the appearance of gray hair on the head is linked to the nature of genes, and fortunately, the appearance of gray hair does not mean that the body ages.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks may be caused by pregnancy, excessive weight, or severe weight loss. Stretch marks may be distinguished by the appearance of prominent scars, and sometimes they appear red, purple, or white. Stretch marks usually appear in the abdomen, hips, waist, breasts or lower back. It can be attempted to treat it with chemical peels, or by laser procedures, or with the help of creams and ointments.

Bad breath

Although rubbing the teeth twice a day, or using dental floss, the mouth may stick to an unpleasant odor, and this may be due to gum diseases such as heartburn, dry mouth, sinus or candidiasis. But nutrition seems to be the main cause of bad breath in the mouth. And no toothpaste can compete with foods that contain garlic or onions. So you should avoid these foods that cause bad mouth odor. And if you feel that these methods are not useful, you can visit the doctor for treatment.

Yellow teeth

Red wine, coffee, tea, soft drinks, and smoking. They are all substances that cause yellow spots on the teeth. And you can start using a whitening toothpaste to get rid of the yellow color-treated with the teeth, and if that doesn’t help, you can make a teeth whitening at the dentist.


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